sam (sweetbitter) wrote,

Fanmix: Want, Take, Have - Buffy & Faith

A mix for the chosen two.

Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill
When she talks, I hear the revolutions
In her hips, there's revolutions
When she walks, the revolution's coming
In her kiss, I taste the revolution

Awful - Hole
It's your life, it's your party, it's so awful
Let's start a fire, let's have a riot!
Yeah, it's awful
It was punk, yeah, it was perfect
Now it's awful

I Love Playin' with Fire - The Runaways
My heart is aching to see you play
And I can't wait till another day
The way you shake me is really hot
You know how to use what you got

Dangerous Animals - Arctic Monkeys
Been fighting with my sheets
And nearly crying in my sleep
Yes, I'm battling that well told gripe
The most frustrating type
You should have racing stripes

Portions for Foxes - Rilo Kiley
And the talkin' leads to touchin'
And the touchin' leads to sex
And then there is no mystery left

And it's bad news
Baby, I'm bad news
I'm just bad news, bad news, bad news

Terrible Love - Birdy
And I can't fall asleep
Without a little help
It takes a while to settle down
My shivered bones
Wait till the panics out
It takes an ocean not to break

Save My Soul - Eisley
You, hey you there, can you save my soul?
I caught your eye and with it you let me know
You won't bury me
You're the part that makes me whole
You, hey you there, will you save my soul?

Violence - Blink-182
Like violence you have me
Forever and after
Like violence you kill me
Forever and after

Animal - Charlotte Martin
You didn't know
I locked myself in your heart
I can't get out
Until you tear me apart
I try to feel, feel my way through the dark
Instincts don't help
A lonely animal, animal, animal
I loved you too hard
I loved you so hard

Hell - Tegan and Sara
I know you feel it too, these words get overused
When we get up and over it and over them
Up and over it and over them
Four ways to remove all the bad that we do
From the heart and the soul of the cities sad and cold
Four ways to collect what we say and what we save
To discard and discover a brand new way

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