sam (sweetbitter) wrote,

Fanmix: My Head Is An Animal - Johanna Mason

A mix for the badass from District 7.

Chop and Change – The Black Keys
Had no luck, but ain't it strange
The girl knew how to chop and change

Who the Fuck? – PJ Harvey
I'm not like other girls
You can't straighten my curls
I'm free, you'll see

Fast As You Can – Fiona Apple
I may be soft in your palm
But I'll soon grow hungry for a fight
And I will not let you win

Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men
Her dirty paws and furry coat
She ran down the forest slope
And for a while things were cold
They were scared down in their holes
The forest that once was green
Was colored black by those killing machines

Tapes – Alanis Morissette
I am too exhausting to be loved
A volatile chemical
Best to quarantine and cut off

Fuck and Run – Liz Phair
And I can feel it in my bones
I'm gonna spend my whole life alone

Shampoo Suicide – Broken Social Scene
Put your teeth where you love to love
Drink some spit just to save your life
Bury parents in a moment's time
Hate it all and you still use shampoo
You hate it all and you still use shampoo

Y Control – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I wish I could buy back the woman you stole

White Gold – Metric
I wanna make it right
Some future in my eyes, bright
Hush, don't explain
When you water down my name
I'll be up too late
Call me when you get better at your game
You haven't beat me yet

Skeleton – Dolores O'Riordan
I try to face it, I can't erase it
So I must face it, I must embrace it
You can't outrun your skeleton

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Tags: catching fire, fanmix, johanna mason, the hunger games
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