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Fanmix: Lions Make You Brave - Donna Noble

I'm currently dying of feelings over Donna. Ugh, I miss her so much. She was the best. So here's a mix.


Life In Technicolor - Coldplay

Dreamworld - Rilo Kiley
Next, the wedding bells won't ring but she could care less
How you exist when you're living in a dreamworld

Stars - Switchfoot
But when I look at the stars, when I look at the stars
When I look at the stars I see someone else
When I look at the stars, the stars, I feel like myself

Lions! - Lights
Be steady on your feet
No matter the trouble you meet

Lions make you brave
Giants give you faith
Death is a charade
You don't have to feel safe to feel unafraid

From Finner - Of Monsters and Men
And we are far from home but we're so happy
Far from home, all alone, but we're so happy

Later On - Kate Nash
We jumped up, got out of there, yeah, we were chased
And I'm telling you, that town was a scary place but
I would do it all again the same
I would do it all again the same

Life In Technicolor II - Coldplay
Time came a-creepin'
Oh and time's a loaded gun
Every road is a ray of light
It goes on
Time only can lead you on

Parade On - Charlotte Martin
She needs a reason to parade on
She needs a new road to pave
She needs a reason to parade on
It's wearing her outsides thin
There's someone there to save

The distance won't know which way you should go
'Cause we are not built so we can float
We are what we are
But that seems so far

Eet - Regina Spektor
It's like forgetting the words to favorite song
You can't believe it
You were always singing along
It was so easy and the words so sweet
You can't remember
You try to feel the beat

Reading In Bed - Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton
Sing from a book
You're reading in bed and took to heart
All of your lives unled, reading in bed

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