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Fanmix: The Sun Becomes Her, He Agrees - Sydney & Adrian


Love Is a Place - Metric
The sun becomes her, he agrees
Where do you live?
Love is a place

Western Bird Calls - The Love Machine
You're my sun when all I got is rain
You got me searching for a holiday, so shine on
I want to keep you on my windowpane
Then get you fitted for a picture frame

A Hopeless Attempt - Charlotte Martin
Better not crave you
'Cause I can't save you
You're here as you'll ever be
You're here as you'll ever be
You're here as you'll ever be

Bad Idea - Motion City Soundtrack
I'm here to tell I'm not okay
And all those things I could never say out loud
I want to tell you there was no one that I ever believed in more than you
I want to know if there was anyone you ever believed in more than me

Promise to Me - Mirah
I need the steady of you and I'd give you anything
That I could cut with sweet precision from beneath my tender skin
There is a way, there is a way that can save me from this

Black & Gold - Sam Sparro
'Cause if you're not really there
Then I don't want to be either
I wanna be next to you

All This and Heaven Too - Florence + the Machine
And I would all this and heaven too
I would give it all if only for a moment
That I could just understand the meaning of the word, you see
'Cause I've been scrawling it forever but it never makes sense to me at all

You On My Mind In My Sleep - Richard Ashcroft
The symptoms are too deep
I got you on my mind in my sleep, you on my mind in my sleep
Do you know how hard I'll try to lose this foolish pride?
Can you take me as I am?
Can you understand me?
Unchain me now

Tremble - Charlotte Martin
I never tried to cross the line
But in my mind did several times
I turn the page and slam the door
But you still linger even more
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh
I am in too deep now, so it doesn't matter
How far I go, how long I run after you
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh
I can't stop myself from feeling the tremble

Yellow Light - Of Monsters and Men
I'm looking for a place to start
And everything feels so different now
Just grab a hold of my hand
And I will lead you through this wonderland
Just follow my yellow light
And ignore all those big warning signs
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